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Let's Get StartedI want to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks!

What is Fitness Renegades?

We're the Anti Gym

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Darin Spindler and I’m the co-founder of Fitness Renegades. We started right here in Green Bay and we’ll soon be expanding to the Fox Valley and beyond.

When we started Fitness Renegades just over a year ago it wasn’t about being “The Biggest Gym” in town.  In fact it was more like creating a large family for us, but inside a small gym. We limit our membership to just 300, which is quite tiny when you consider there are gyms in our community with over 5,000 members.  We have two main goals at Fitness Renegades:

  • Transform Our Members' Lives FOREVER
  • Make a Difference in our Community

Fitness Renegades is a bit like Cheers. We make a point to know all of our members names. We have members regularly meeting up at different trails to ride bikes together, rollerblade, hike, run and more. We have others that meet up at the Lambeau Field steps and run them after their Sunday morning workout with us! Many of these people now enjoy working out instead of dreading it like they used to.

For the big box gyms it’s about getting your credit card number, a contract and hoping you never show up! At Fitness Renegades we want you to get great results, meet new friends and want to be a part of our FAST growing Renegade Family. We have no contracts. You either love it or you don’t pay a dime. We have a full 30 day money back guarantee! We also offer FREE vacation weeks if you’ll be out of town.

We understand what people hate at "Real Gyms" and do the opposite and it’s why our Renegades love us!

Now enough about us…You’re here for a reason. I’m guessing you’d like to lose some weight, get toned and start to feel great again and we're ready to help you get there!

This isn't a Silver Bullet, a Magic Pill or some Short Cut. This is Real.

In just 6 weeks we’ll teach you how to live a brand new lifestyle where you’ll discover foods that taste great, are easy to prepare and will help you burn fat, tone up and look amazing as you slim down in the gym.

You’ll also discover how to find time for you and for fitness. You'll discover a brand new confidence that will have you saying "YES I CAN!" instead of “I’ve Tried It All Before and Failed."

Although we could be considered a “gym”, we’re much more than that.

We’re a Lifestyle. We’re a Family. We’re Renegades.

We've Helped Hundreds of Individuals...
You Could Be Next!

Over the past year we’ve helped people go from the couch to ½ marathons. These are every day people who’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and control their life again. They are busy Mom’s and Dad’s. They are students.

We’ve had people who’ve come to us with terrible Health Risk Assessment results transform their entire life by following our Renegade Lifestyle.

Fitness Renegades was created

because my business partner Andy lost 60 pounds and has now successfully kept it off for over 6 years.  No easy feat! But it’s possible because he changed his lifestyle and didn’t look for an overnight fix.

While Andy was making his transformation he introduced me to his way of eating and his way of fitness. Now I have to be honest. I’ve never had a weight issue. But in my 20’s I quit doing many of the fitness activities that I had enjoyed earlier in my life. I was thin, but not fit.

For me the journey has been about getting stronger, more flexible, more fit and reducing my daily stress. I’m a busy body. I have a 10 year old daughter, multiple businesses and many other obligations just like you. But I too quickly lost 16 lbs. and 3 inches around my waist…Kind of by accident. Since then I’ve gained the 16lbs. back in the form of muscle while keeping my waistline 3 inches smaller.

So as Andy and I both started getting great results, we tried to help my trainer take his business to the next level. Unfortunately he declined. So we went out and built our own team of fitness and nutrition experts to help take our vision to transform lives and make a difference a reality.

Take a Look at Lucas’ Results

He knew for 3 years that he had poor readings and did NOTHING about it until just 3 months before his next blood draw. He then attended our Nutrition 101 class on a Saturday morning. By Saturday night he switched his family’s dinner menu and got started. In just 3 months he lost 25 pounds, his blood work went from horrible to perfect.

Renegade Becky Rocked Her Biometric Results.

Becky got her biometric results back and found her blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting glucose to be PERFECT! All due to a lifestyle transformation at Fitness Renegades.

You're Probably Thinking That's Just Two Cases...

While many gyms might have a case study or two we have dozens and dozens just like this.

Renegade Sue came to us looking to get into a dress for her son’s wedding. Sue’s worked hard in the gym, she has an infectious energy that she brings with her to each and every workout…and now she’s one FIT MOM…Even at 59 years old! As a nurse she knew what to do from a nutrition perspective…but failed to live it.

She’s not alone as we’ve helped many nurses and even a few Dr.’s. These medical professionals are so busy helping everyone else, they’ve been making poor choices for themselves. But now they are ready to get fit and be able to be a positive influence on their patients as well.

Read What Renegade Sue P. has to Say About her Experience

“For 2 years I have been searching for a gym that gives you personal encouragement, nutrition education, a basic common sense workout without all the jumping around.

Enter Jill Troia and our destined meeting and I remember asking about Joe’s degree “now what does he do with that?” and contacting him the next day to sign up.

I saw the big garage with a large tire mat on the floor. No fancy equipment. This was something new for sure but I was ready. 58 years old and joining this crazy gym. Joe introduced me to Renegades, measured me, gave me information on the Paleo diet which I have followed in the past and liked being slave no more to processed foods and all the chemicals.

I teach nutrition all day every day as a Nurse Practitioner so I know this stuff but following it consistently was another matter. I remember that first class looking around at the various activities and it reminded me of child’s play, fun, not just another exercise class.

I was laughing. Charlene sent me an encouraging email, gave me tips to prevent muscle soreness and brought a balloon and Kind Bars to my work. My first weeks the challenge was simply getting up and down from the floor with this goofy knee.

I meet a lot of nice people, I have a great time, for the first time know what an adrenaline rush is and can’t wait to get to the classes.

Just the other day for example the workout assignment was to me tougher than usual (on my 59th birthday) but since Kari alongside me was doing it, so did I. Little did I know she was thinking the exact same thing about me. That’s how it goes.

And it’s not the 2 hours I was spending at the gym. It is time efficient and perfect way to wind down my day. Furthermore, after doing all those burpees, who in their right mind is going to go home and do emotional eating which was my habit so Renegades fixed that problem too.

So here I am 2+ months into Fitness Renegades down 17 inches and 10 pounds and trust me that is huge because my scale does not move.

I am stronger and more confident. I am again the renegade. All the sagging body parts are starting to go back where they belong. This is anti-aging stuff inside and out. No plastic surgery required here.

I am mother of the groom in July and I am looking good and feeling great. The transformation happened so quickly it actually took me by surprise.Important that one of the goals I set was to look good for the wedding, be strong, wear clothes not tents that hide shameful fat.

I am loving burpees (well kinda) and doing wind sprints (well kinda) and flipping tractor tires (not kinda). You have to know this is stuff I never thought I would do again so there is a winner walking through your door every time I come, I don’t take this lightly at all.

And I am just one of a few of the stories of how you have changed our lives and given us back what we lost plus more.

So whether you call it hip hop or old school rap, you have a great thing going and I am so glad to be a part of it!

Thank you Fitness Renegades!

And much success to you and our community at your new facility!

Sue highlights what it means to be a Renegade! She cheers on her fellow Renegades. She shows up for class. She holds her self accountable to eat right, so she can perform her best during the workouts and move closer to her goals.

Recently she’s started doing 50 mile bike rides on Friday afternoons with other Renegades. Did you see that she’s 59 years old and she’s turning back the clock. She takes pride in being one of our oldest Renegades and wants to be doing burpees at 90 years old now.

Quite a change in just over 6 months!

Again Sue’s case is not an isolated incident…We EXPECT this to happen!

I’m going to share just one more Renegade Case Study with you and then I’d like to give you an opportunity to work with us for 6 Weeks to have your own success story!

I’ll explain more after Sara’s story…

I won. I was so happy when I won, I started crying

In 2012 I had a job that I absolutely hated, I’d cry on the way to work, and cry on the way home from work. I was completely stressed out because I wanted out of the job so bad. In being so stressed and having a job in a cubical with little to no movement, I started packing on the pounds. Just as much as I hated my job, I hated the person I became.

One Year Later, Sarah:
- Is Down Nearly 40 lbs
- Has crossed skydiving off her bucket list
- No longer hates herself
- Has met some amazing people at Fitness Renegades she hopes will be lifelong friends
- Is known as the She-Hulk at Fitness Renegades

Read More of Sara's Story Here.

Again Sara is not our only success story. Just in the past week we’ve had many others cross over 30lbs. of weight loss. We’ve had another mention to us they are off their migraine headache medications. Simple change of diet and exercise did the trick for them. Another off her Thyroid medications.

Renegade Erin K. takes on Great America!

We love to hear things like this from Renegade Erin who was able to ride all of the rides at Great America!

Together We Can Make You The Next Success Story.
Here's The Deal.

Can we guarantee you will have the exact same results as those  We can however GUARANTEE you that we will provide you with an atmosphere that is welcoming, challenging, educational and motivational and we promise to provide you with every bit of support and tool we can to help you attain those results!

If You’re READY. We’re Making Room For 25 Individuals To Work With Us & HAVE An Opportunity To Get Your First 6 Weeks For FREE!

Here’s the scoop. It’s our mission to transform the lives of 300 Green Bay Residents.

We want to have hundreds of stories like Sara, Sue, Erin, Becky & Lucas. We’re already well on the way…but we want 300 AMAZING stories of every day people taking charge of their life.

So we’re going to give you the opportunity to earn credits during your 1st 6 Weeks to apply to your future membership. That means you could get an entire month FREE!

Here’s the deal.

You’ll invest $147 to reserve your spot in The 12 In 6 Challenge. We’ll provide you with nutrition and fitness coaching, support and unlimited classes for 6 weeks.

Your goal is to lose just 2 lbs. a week for 6 weeks. If you follow our plan this is a VERY realistic goal. If you document your food in the lifestyle journal that we’ll provide you, show up for class at least 3x per week we feel confident that you will reach the 12 lb. goal. Once the 6 weeks is up and you are 12 lbs healthier, we’re going to give you a $120 Renegade Credit to apply to the next membership that you choose with us. If you don't quite reach your goal we'll still help you out with your next membership and give you a $5 a pound credit up to 12 pounds. So if you lose 6 pounds in 6 weeks, you'll receive a $30 credit for your next membership.

We know that once you see great results and meet new friends who want to see you succeed you’ll want to be a part of our Renegade Family for the long haul.

You have nothing to lose, except that unwanted weight.

We’ll be taking before photos, you’ll get to use our body analyzer which will document % of fat lost, % of muscle gained and much more. This is a much more accurate picture of what’s happening with your body than just a scale.

All we ask is that you write us a short story about your experience and some of the results that you achieved during the six week program.

It’s that simple. To get started give us a call today at (920) 593-9141.

Orientation dates are on the 1st and 15th of every month. You must attend one of these orientation dates where we’ll go over our Nutrition 101 class, take photos and measurements and provide you with the tools to start tracking your food, workouts, sleep and much more.

Let's Get StartedI want to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks!